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Everyone makes new years resolutions, but few stick to them. Well here's mine. I'm going to blog every day to stay on track, build an audience and conversation and finally start moving in the direction I want my life to go. I figure if I finally set my mind to do something, I typically get it done. So after doing a year in review, here's my hopes and dreams (not really resolutions) for the coming year.

1. Blog every day and track what is going on in life. Get a conversation going online and see what others think about.

2. Take more pictures of family and finally learn how to work my $600 camera

3. Fix 1 major thing with my house and 5 minor things (painting and whatnot)

4. Get more DIY and learn how to actually craft things. I love to be hands on, but don't have the balls to just jump in and go at something...so more of a get over fear and failure kinda thing.

5. Workout more and finally lose the stupid extra weight I carry around. I mean really, I have tons of dance games and live on the edge of a national park...I need to get out and move more. Take walks with the dog and family, go swimming at the beach (I live 10 minutes away), play a sport (man I hate sports) and just get active.

6. Watch less TV...or at least set a schedule so I don't spend all day in front of the TV trying to catch up.

7. Read 6 books...and I hate to read so this will be huge. And not read just any 6 books, I will read 6 books that add something to my life.

8. Finish school finally. Again this comes back to my fear of failure, but if I finally put my mind to it I should be graduated and finally out of school. Scary student loans to follow :(

9. Learn to cook and eat healthier. This will be the most difficult, not because of my eating habits, but the eating habits of those around me. I was raised vegetarian and cooked great organic whole foods almost every night of the week. My family and friends don't appreciate that much so I'm not sure how to go about this one.

10. Do something for someone else! Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever, I will work to do something to better someone else's life and help out in any way I can.

Hope everyone else out there has an amazing New Year! Now let's get moving.

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Wow, what a year. So many things have changed...some good, some bad, but no matter what they made an impact on my life and I have learned something from it. So here's a quick overview and what I learned for each month:

January - I bought and moved into my first home. It isn't everything I hoped it would be, but it is a great experience. Finding that perfect home is hard, but I found the one I could make into my perfect home...but not without some elbow grease and lots of tears. One bathroom down in week 1 (there was a hole in the tub...and then everything escalated from there) and the septic blew up in week 2...lots of crying since I poured all my money into buying the home. Oh and not to mention my hubby's car died 3 days after signing the paperwork...OMG.

February - Nothing much really happened. We moved in and settled down. Went from 700 sq ft to 1800 sq ft so the place looked empty. Worked on tearing apart the bathroom and just went through our normal routine of unpacking.

March - Yep, pretty much just as boring. We went to the Rib Roundup, a country concert here in South Florida, and got rained on, but had a blast none-the-less. And we finished demolishing our bathroom.

April - Spent a lot of time with the family, a close friend's father passed away, and found a new home for one of our dogs since we live near a busy road and she likes to dig out.

May - I got engaged :D He took me to the park we first spent time together and really talked and proposed. It was really nice and the ring was perfect! Charlie did a great job planning that out and I was really impressed he thought of so much. And then I went to Germany to visit my family. More on that next month.

June - Spent half the month with my family in Germany. The only strange thing was my father came with me. Not strange bad...just strange. I haven't spent that much time with my father for so many years that it was weird being in the same house for two weeks with him. Charlie got to meet my family in Berlin, we stopped by to see his friend Ron in Hamburg, and pretty much just spent time with everyone. We left Chelsea there to spend the rest of the summer with the family and we flew back home.

July - I turned 30...YAY! I also, with the help of everyone, fixed up Chelsea's room for her birthday / welcome home surprise. That was a lot of work, but well worth it. She got new furniture and her room done up just for her. We also finished prepping the bathroom to get put back together. Chelsea came home the last day.

August - Was uneventful as usual. Got to see Craig Morgan in concert at City Place, Chelsea turned 10, and we got hit by a tropical wave. The most eventful time was Chelsea's birthday since she wanted to go to the water park and they closed it due to the tropical wave. So we bought a pool instead and let the kids get wet in the backyard.

September - We visited the hugging pizza man in Fort Pierce during the Obama campaign...that was hilarious. We started fixing another room in the house...oh yeah, there was a window in that room at one point that was discovered when we took down old wood paneling. What else is hidden in this house???

October - We moved at work...that is all.

November - We got a gerbil named Rosa who was pregnant. She is Chelsea's early Yule present and was something she really wanted. Since her guinea pig Princess finally passed away (she was old) she wanted something new to play with. We now have 4 gerbils.

December - This month was a roller coaster. Between stress at home and work, I haven't really known whether I'm coming or going. I took Chelsea horseback riding and really cleared my head. I came to some conclusions about my life...but that's for tomorrow.

How was your year? What do you wish could have been different?
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Bottled water I think is a conspiracy. Really, there is nothing really good about bottled water when you have access to good water, especially in well developed areas. So why is it so popular?

I understand why bottled water would be good where there is no source of clean water (and I'm talking really toxic water areas), but in the US it just seems like such a waste. Here's my thoughts:

It uses too many resources to create something that is practically free and available anywhere.

It takes petroleum to make the actual bottle, a resource we are quickly running out of. The amount of energy it takes to create the bottles and labels, put the water in the bottle, and then transport it everywhere is just insane.

It doesn't expose you to bacteria your body needs to build a strong immune system.

We now have a generation of sick people and my theory is bottled water. I mean think about it. Bottled water became popular when I was a kid (I'm now 30) and when I had my daughter 10 years ago, the doctors and moms told me to only give her bottled water, wash with antibacterial soap, and keep everything clean. Ummm no thank you.

Instead my daughter drank tap water out of a well system (not city water), played in the mud puddles after a good rain, got dirty and we didn't use antibacterial soap (well not on purpose, you can't find anything that isn't antibacterial easily). I have to say, thinking back, she almost never went to the doctor and she is rarely sick. I remember all the moms sheltering their kids from "germs" and wow were the kids always sick! People, seriously, let your kids get dirty and drink from a hose outside!

I regress, there are good things about bottled water, but not when you have clean water already available.

In areas that are dealing with toxic water, bottled water is a good thing to have. It does provide drinkable water to people who can't normally get it. Instead of spending money on bottled water for your family that can just buy a good reusable bottle and fill it up from your home's tap, put your money towards an organization that is trying to get clean water to those who really need it. Go to Water.org and donate your time or money. They could really use it and so could the families in need.

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President Obama
I was very open about my decision on who I thought should be president everywhere online. I was even ready to pack up an move my family out of this country if my candidate did not win as I did not trust the other candidate in the least bit. I mean, come on man, you can't even keep one fact straight through any of your talkings, writings, speeches, debates, etc. I think you know who I am talking about now ;)

I am definitely a big Obama supporter. I think he deserves the chance to stay in office and see if what he has put into place works or not. I think we need to give ObamaCare a chance and see if it works or not. We gave Bush a second chance and he really messed us up. Why not give Obama the same chance?

And as far as the deficit and all that is concerned, check this video out. It really explains that we are not in as bad of economic struggles as the media makes it out to be.

So yeah, we aren't as bad off as we think we are. Does the unemployment rate still suck? Yes! But it isn't that there aren't any jobs out there, it is people either don't want to work or they don't have the skills they need for the jobs available. That is one thing that Obama has been working towards fixing.

We are pulling out of war, the housing market is bouncing back, unemployment is decreasing (slowly but still moving in the right direction) and our economy is growing. Renewable energy is still the forefront of what Obama is pushing for compared to Romney's plan to drill drill drill! (stupid during this time of global change). So no matter who's side you were on, who you voted for, or anything, I'm glad Obama is getting four more years to see if he can pull off what he started. That's my thoughts anyway.
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